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Rosebery Neighbourhood House is all about providing our local neighbourhood with helpful, informative and friendly services. We have computers and high-speed internet available and accessible, to keep you in sync with the digital world, and we also host an in-house children’s library. Our Medicare and Centrelink agents are present on-site to assist you with whatever you might need, and you have complete access to a multitude of useful resources. This includes HR support for helping you seek employment, as well as engaging and educational programs geared towards the betterment of our local neighbourhood as a whole.

We also have private rooms with a computer system that allows you to Zoom or Telehealth if you need it.  Just book a room and the staff will assist with the rest.

Looking for something to do?

Why not join one of our many groups, like our gardening group or community support hamper team.  Pop in for a chat and the staff would be happy to connect you with one of the many different project people in the community.

Our House Membership

By investing $5, you will be able to enjoy the majority of our services. You will also receive our monthly newsletter, which we deliver to you electronically and via mail to keep you up to date on all of our services, events and support.

Ask About Our Seniors Assistance

We’re passionate about extending a hand to the elderly who are interested in familiarising themselves with different technology, apps and digital technology. We provide senior members with access to computers, laptops and iPads. Skilled personnel are always present on site to train and assist all members on how to put to use the various technologies available.

For a range of assistance and friendly service,
contact Rosebery Neighbourhood House on 03 6473 1497